- Converted 50 custom applications from IBM UniBasic to Datatel Envision.  
 - Deployed customized database driven content management systems for web sites, allowing web site owners to manage content without knowledge of html or web programming.
 - Constructed a digital dashboard environment using Microsoft Access 2002. This application allows key members of an organization to easily view how the organization is doing in a quick summarized view using data snapshots from the ERP system. The president of the college has personally presented and distributed this application to a number of institutions throughout the United States.
 - Developed, graphically designed, produced and maintained highly successful websites for private businesses, online e-commerce sites, and university departments. One result was a 400% increase in sales within a four-month period.
 - Developed a comprehensive data mapping solution for a sales department that allowed management to determine sales trends and patterns within hours instead of weeks.
 - Helped establish procedures, rules, and regulations for a university department, which allowed employees to communicate better with customers, increased productivity and efficiency.  Supervised the activities of over 50 employees, resulting in reducing employee turnover to 2%, and established the department as a model for other
departments to follow.
 - Organized and conducted a training seminar for 75 employees resulting in a well trained support staff with the knowledge and experience to start their careers in highly sought after positions upon graduation.
Selected Accomplishments
Name: Brian Gasperosky
Phone: (734) 846-6544
Address: 9591 Tecumseh
City: Redford
State: Michigan
Zip: 48239
1995 - 2008.  Brian Gasperosky